3.5 Ton 14 SEER 80% AFUE 132,000 BTU ACiQ Gas Furnace and Heat Pump System - Upflow/Downflow



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R4H442GKC / END4X48L24A / N80ESN1352420A



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Requires: Metal Flue Vent Piping

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Customize 3.5 Ton 14 SEER 80% AFUE 132,000 BTU ACiQ Gas Furnace and Heat Pump System - Upflow/Downflow
132k BTU 80% AFUE Single Stage 24.5" Wide Furnace
132k BTU 80% AFUE Single Stage 24.5" Wide Furnace   + $1,567.00
  • Buy 3 for $1,124.00 each and save 28%
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3.5 Ton 14 SEER ACiQ Heat Pump
3.5 Ton 14 SEER ACiQ Heat Pump   + $2,309.00
ACiQ 4 Ton 24.5" Width Vertical Evaporator Cased Coil
ACiQ 4 Ton 24.5" Width Vertical Evaporator Cased Coil   + $710.00
3.5 Ton ACiQ Hybrid Upgrade
3.5 Ton 14 SEER 80% AFUE 132,000 BTU AirQuest Gas Furnace and Heat Pump System - Upflow/Downflow


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132,000 BTU 80% AFUE Single Stage Multi-Positional ACiQ Gas Furnace


The ACiQ N80ESN1352420A is a budget-friendly furnace model designed to provide reasonable comfort for your home. With its basic efficiency, this furnace will adequately heat your home, ensuring comfort even during the coldest parts of the year.


  • 132,000 BTU, 80% AFUE natural gas furnace
  • Generally suitable for large houses in ideal applications
  • Multi-positional design - can be installed in upflow, downflow, or horizontal orientations
  • Single-stage burner with a multi-speed blower
  • Field-convertible to propane with an optional LP kit
  • On-board self-diagnostics

132,000 BTU, 80% AFUE

The ACiQ N80ESN1352420A has an input of 132,000 BTU. With an efficiency of 80%, the furnace provides an output of 105,600 BTU. The 80% AFUE indicates that 80% of the gas consumed is used for heating your home, while the remaining 20% is lost through the flue piping and normal furnace operations. Metal flue venting is required for 80% efficiency furnaces, while plastic/PVC venting is possible with furnaces rated at 90% efficiency or higher. Additionally, an optional LP conversion kit is available for this unit at an additional cost. Please note that this furnace is not Low NOx or Ultra Low NOx compliant. If shipped to California, it may be subject to a mitigation fee.


ACiQ offers a 10-year parts warranty and a 20-year limited warranty for the heat exchanger. To ensure the validity of these warranties, proper registration of the unit through the manufacturer within 90 days of installation is required. The installation process must also comply with your state and local codes.

Installation and Durability

With its ability to be installed in any configuration (upflow, downflow, or horizontal), the ACiQ N80ESN1352420A offers versatile application potential. The unit features a durable outer casing that can withstand wear-and-tear throughout its lifetime, providing peace of mind that your home will stay comfortable year-round. Please note that this furnace is not intended for standalone installation in mobile homes.

3.5 Ton 14 SEER ACiQ Heat Pump


The ACiQ N4H442GKC is a standard heat pump condenser. Designed with comfort in mind and an inexpensive option for nearly any application, this condenser is considered a good all-around option for almost any application.


  • 3.5 ton, 14 SEER heat pump condenser
  • Can cool up to a medium-sized house in average conditions
  • Single stage compressor
  • Filter drier included to be field-installed

3.5 Tons

The ACiQ N4H442GKC heat pump condenser has an output of 3.5 tons, generally enough to heat and cool up to a medium-sized house in ideal climates. In many system configurations, the tonnage of the unit's paired coil or air handler will be larger in tonnage than this condenser, which maintains the efficiency of the unit. Please note that this condenser cannot function on its own, and it needs an indoor coil or air handler to work. This unit will also only heat down to around 35°F, and if you need heat any lower than this, a backup heat strip will be needed to act as straight electric heating in a compatible air handler.


The ACiQ N4H442GKC heat pump condenser is rated at 14 SEER, making it between 5-7% more efficient than standard 13 SEER units, saving you money in electric bills over the entire lifetime of your unit. In general, heat pumps will heat more efficiently than straight electric furnaces.

ACiQ 4 Ton 24.5" Width Vertical Evaporator Cased Coil


ACiQ is dedicated to providing high-quality systems, complete with all necessary components. The END4X48L24A vertical coil is an exceptional choice for almost any application, ensuring the overall efficiency of the unit through its factory-integrated TXV kit for enhanced energy optimization.


  • 4-ton vertical coil
  • Works in both upflow and downflow applications
  • Compatible with both AC-only and heat pump condensers
  • Factory-installed TXV kit for enhanced energy optimization
  • Sturdy and compact design
4 Tons

The ACiQ END4X48L24A is designed to provide up to 4 tons of heating and cooling capacity. It can be easily installed with either an AC-only condenser or a heat pump condenser, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. In certain packages, the coil may be larger than its paired condenser, resulting in increased overall efficiency for the entire unit. However, it's important to note that the coil should never be smaller than its paired condenser. Please be aware that this item requires a compatible condenser and blower or furnace, which are available at an additional cost and cannot operate independently.


ACiQ offers a 10-year parts warranty on their coils when installed following your state and local codes, and when paired with a certified system matchup. To obtain the full length of this warranty, it is necessary to register the entire unit through the manufacturer.

3.5 Ton ACiQ Hybrid Upgrade

Product Specifications

More Information
132,000 BTU 80% AFUE Single Stage Multi-Positional ACiQ Gas Furnace
Weight (in lbs)167.000000
AHRI Certificate Number213146146
Exhaust Flue RequirementMetal

Carrier Equivalent: 58SB0A135E24--20

Tempstar Equivalent: TN80ESN1352420A

Bryant Equivalent: 810SA60135E24

Furnace Efficiency / AFUE 80%
Heating BTU132,000
Blower MotorMulti-Speed ECM
Drive TypeDirect
Maximum CFM1810
Motor RPM1050
Horsepower.75 HP
Electrical115v 1 Phase 60 Hz
PhaseSingle Phase
Max Breaker Size15 Amps
Connection1/2" NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure13.6"wc
Burner StagesSingle
Ignition TypeDirect Ignition with Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignitor
Fuel TypePropane, Natural Gas
CertificationAHRI Certified
Height33 1/3"
Width24 1/2"
Warranty20 Year Heat Exchanger and 10 Year Parts with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety Information
This gas appliance requires a trained technician to install. Improperly connecting gas lines or improperly connecting a gas flue or venting may result in death. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing that you are using a trained technician to install this gas appliance. We will not be responsible for any injury or property damage arising from improper service or service procedures. Whoever installs or services this unit assumes responsibility for any personal injury or property damage which may result. Many jurisdictions require a license to install this equipment.

3.5 Ton 14 SEER ACiQ Heat Pump
Weight (in lbs)201.000000
Additional InformationCompressor Stage - Single Stage
Cooling BTU42,000
Heating BTU42,000
Decibel Level (dBA)76
Capacity3.5 Ton
SEER1 (Efficiency)14
Condenser StagesSingle Stage
Compressor TypeScroll
Liquid Valve Size3/8"
Suction Valve Size7/8"
Electrical208 / 230 V. 1 Phase 60 Hz
Max Breaker Size45 amps
Min. Breaker Size29.2 amps
Tonnage3.5 Ton
Warranty10 Years Parts with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING
ACiQ 4 Ton 24.5" Width Vertical Evaporator Cased Coil
Weight (in lbs)62.000000

Carrier Equivalent: CNPVP4824ALA

Tempstar Equivalent: END4X48L24A

Bryant Equivalent: CNPVP4824ALA

ConfigurationUpflow / Downflow
Liquid Line3/8"
Suction Line7/8"
Tonnage4 Ton
CertificationUL Listed
Height22 1/16"
Width24 1/2"
Warranty10 Years Parts Warranty with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING
3.5 Ton ACiQ Hybrid Upgrade
Weight (in lbs)120.000000
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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Customer Questions
Who makes ACiQ?
ACiQ air conditioning systems, standard heat pumps, and gas furnaces are manufactured by the largest HVAC manufacturer in America, who also happens to be the seller of the nation’s #1 brand. However, because our prices are SO LOW, they will not allow us to mention their name! They must protect their current market share where typical home systems retail between $15,000 to $25,000 for the identical equipment that we let you buy direct for under $3,000. We offer homeowners and contractors the highest quality and best warranty HVAC systems in the industry at the absolute lowest price. With our industry-leading, high-tech ACiQ equipment, your home and your savings just got a whole lot smarter!
What happens if this breaks down?
HVACDirect.com gives you lifetime tech support. Many common problems can be solved with a phone call to us. HVACDirect.com is an authorized dealer of ACiQ, therefore equipment we sell carries the full manufacturer's warranty. The warranty applies to all parts. You have to register the products online in order to extend the warranty to the full 10 years, otherwise the term is 5 years. If a part fails under warranty, you will not pay anything for the replacement part. Should a part fail under warranty, the first step is to have a professional confirm what part needs to be replaced. Then, contact us at customerservice@hvacdirect.com or by calling and asking for customer service.
What happens if it arrives damaged?
If you are present during drop-off and you see obvious signs of damage or rough handling in transit - please ask the driver to wait while you inspect the equipment. If it is damaged badly enough that you believe it can not function, you have the right to refuse the damaged portion of the shipment. If you discover the damage after the driver has left, take photos of the damage and send them to customerservice@hvacdirect.com. Please refer to your order number in the email. This starts the process and one of our representatives will be in touch with you promptly.
How can I find an installer?
It’s easier than you think – the key is to find an independent contractor or small company as opposed to a larger HVAC service. A one or two person outfit will do the work more quickly and cheaply than a bigger company, too. Yelp.com, Thumbtack.com, and Porch.com are websites are designed to help you connect with a professional in your area. You could also place a call to the last professional who did work on your home and see if they have any recommendations.
What's the warranty?
ACiQ’s 10 year Warranty (online registration required) is one of the top warranties available today.  Many of the higher-SEER units have even higher warranties and some of the higher efficient furnaces have longer heat exchanger warranties.
Is it cheaper to buy a furnace and AC together? (Should I replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time?)
Remember to factor labor into the budget. Many times the labor can cost as much as the equipment. Therefore, spending a bit more now to replace everything can be less expensive than re-using an older furnace that still works, or putting in a furnace with a plan to ‘add air conditioning later.” By replacing everything at the same time, you will get matching equipment that is all warrantied together. Then you can typically not have to worry about the system for another 15 to 25 years with proper maintenance.
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