Modine Garage Heaters

Get more out of your garage all year long: Easily convert your garage or barn into a workshop with an easy-to-install Modine garage heater.

These powerful shop heaters are available with 30,000 BTUS to as much as 125,000 depending on your needs. But all of that power does not mean added clutter. Workshop unit heaters take up minimal space, but pack a serious punch in a compact frame! Our popular items, like a 60,000 BTU garage heater, offers low-profile designs, affording you more room to store your tools, work on a project or simply keep clutter away.

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These garage heaters also ensure that while you’re working in your garage, you have plenty of high-quality air to breathe. Gas unit heaters draw their combustion air from the outside to ensure the air around you is clean. This supply of fresh air reduces common concerns about dirt, dust and humidity.

Additionally, whether it be 125,000 BTUs or a 30,000 BTU garage heater, you will enjoy such amenities as whisper-quiet operation, finger-proof fan guards, and a long-lasting lubricant, added at the factory, which is designed to reduce wear-and-tear and prolong product life.

When sizing for a garage heater, keep in mind that your garage will not be as well insulated as the rest of your house, plus it will have places where air escapes easily. The garage door(s) will be opening and closing frequently, allowing cold outside air to rush in. Therefore, you will need a unit with greater BTUs than you would for a typical space.

When ordering you will need to choose between a natural gas or propane garage heater.

These unit heaters are often marketed as residential heaters, but they have the durability and performance that puts them in the same league as commercial heaters.

For the ultimate in assistance, contact our customer service department. Our reps are knowledgeable in all HVAC applications, and if they don’t have an immediate answer to a question, they will find out and call you back.

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