Modine Hot Dawg Series Garage Heaters

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Modine's Hot Dawg® Garage Heater Series is the perfect unit heater choice for garages and light commercial/industrial applications everywhere. Featuring versatile installation options, quiet operation, and 30,000-125,000 BTU outputs, its easy to see why this heater series is a top choice for homeowners and businesses everywhere.

The Hot Dawg® Series encompasses three models of Modine's unit heaters: Model HD, HDS, and HHD. Model HD unit heaters are Modine's standard power-exhausted, gas fired unit heaters. The HDS models provide the same benefits as the HD models, but also feature a separated combustion chamber which draws in fresh air from outside rather than your workspace. The HHD unit heaters are low profile unit heaters that utilize steam to heat your workspace rather than gas. These models are also perfect for heating 1-3 car garages.

Need help choosing the right size for your needs? Give us a call and one of our experts will help find the right choice for you.

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