Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner systems are an efficient way to improve the comfort of any room whether its a garage/workspace or a room in your home that doesn't get much airflow. Easy to install and maintain, Mitsubishi mini-split ACs and heat pumps are available in single zone systems up to 5 zone systems.


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Mitsubishi is a global leader and is dedicated to building innovative, energy intelligent heating and cooling systems serving residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Their AC and Heat Pump Mini-Split systems are designed to provide years of comfort for your home while helping you to achieve high energy efficiency standards.

Mini Split air conditioning systems continue to rise in popularity, and Mitsubishi mini split systems are among the leaders in this trend, offering value and reliability to thousands of satisfied customers. When you order a Mitsubishi min split air conditioner system from, you get the benefit of over 30 years of innovation and research in climate control, a fantastic warranty, and home climate control unlike anything you’ve ever owned before!

Mini split systems have advantages over traditional AC units in several ways - ease of installation, advanced efficiency and personal climate control, among others. A Mitsubishi mini split system provides additional benefits, like amazing energy efficiency, thanks to Mitsubishi’s inverter-driven system that maintains a near-perfect constant temperature while using the same amount of electricity as a 40-watt light bulb. has a huge inventory of Mitsubishi mini split systems in stock, ranging from single zone to five-zone systems that can heat and cool your entire house. The SEER rating on these systems is phenomenal -- probably much higher than that of your current system.

The concept of a mini split system is still unfamiliar to many people. It varies from a traditional air conditioning setup in a couple of ways.

A traditional AC system uses an outside condenser unit, which works in concert with a centralized air handler, usually installed in a basement, attic or utility room. The air handler is connected to duct work that runs between the various rooms of the house and channels the air through registers in each room. Climate control is handled by a single thermostat, usually mounted on a wall in a high-traffic area.

With a mini split system, the outside condenser works with one or more air handlers, located in certain rooms or zones of the house. There is no ductwork involved. The individual air handlers directly distribute cool or warm air into their assigned rooms. They are connected to the condenser, not by ductwork, but by refrigerant lines, which extend into the house through a three-inch hole in the outer wall. Each air handler has its own thermostat, which allows the occupants of each room set their own thermostat to their own preference.

Mitsubishi systems go as high as five zones. This will cover an entire average home on one level. Large homes, particularly two-story homes, may require an additional condenser. Mini split systems were originally intended for single-zone use, and remain an ideal choice for rooms not fitted with ductwork, like add-ons, garages and reclaimed living space. But with recent innovations, mini split systems are now able to control the climate in multiple configurations.

This is why carries such a wide range of Mitsubishi mini split products. Contact one of our customer service professionals and get started on a life-changing home project that will pay dividends in your family’s comfort for years to come.

How many BTUs do I need for a mini split?

You need 30 to 60 BTUs per square foot of living space. If you have a multiple air handler system, each air handler is responsible for its zone and the total BTU requirement for the entire house will need to be factored in for the outdoor condenser unit (although it should be slightly less than the combined total of the air handlers for peak efficiency.)

Can I install of mini split system myself?

You can install a mini split system yourself, using one of our DIY Mini Split Systems which include pre-charged quick connect line sets.

Are mini spilt systems worth the cost?

Mini split systems are worth the cost for an overwhelming majority of households in the U.S. Mini Splits save you money on your energy bills by operating at an unmatched level of efficiency and have a unique ability to set a desired temperature by zone or room.

Mini split systems come with a host of options, and choosing the right one for your home could be daunting. To the rescue comes this guide that will lead you to the Mitsubishi system that matches your needs to the fullest. How to Choose the Right Mitsubishi Heat Pump System | Information Library (

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