Mitsubishi 3-Zone Mini Splits

The Mitsubishi Tri-Zone mini-split systems provide year around heating and cooling comfort for your home/space, all while keeping operating costs down. Each space/room has its own air-handling unit and wireless electronic temperature controller.

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It’s hard to say which is the greatest benefit of a 3 zone ductless mini split AC system – the “split” part or the “ductless” part.

By split, we mean that the essential components of the air conditioning process are located separately – the condenser/compressor on the outside, and the air handler/evaporator coil on the inside. With a 3 zone ductless mini split AC, the inside part is actually three air handlers, each possessing its own air delivery system and its own thermostat.

By ductless, we mean that this system does not use traditional ductwork. Therefore, there is no need to install ductwork or connect to existing ductwork. The only connection between the air handler(s) and the condenser is the refrigerant lines, which pass through a three-inch hole in the exterior wall.

All these tri zone mini split systems include a heat pump. A heat pump is not an additional component, but a system of “reversing” the air conditioning process in the winter, where the evaporator coils and condenser coils swap jobs. Heat is extracted from the outside air and dispersed inside.

As a general rule, each zone requires a minimum of 6,000 BTUs for effective heating and cooling, but factors like high ceilings, large open areas and large windows can bump up the need for BTUs. The chart of shop-by filters on the left shows the various mini split systems by size. Each number represents an air handler, and the value of the number represents its capacity in terms of BTUs x 1000. For example, 6+9+12 means the system has one air handler rated at 6,000 BTUs, one air handler rated at 9,000 BTUs and one air handler rated at 12,000 BTUs. has an amazing inventory of Mitsubishi mini split systems, allowing us to put the quality from one of the world’s most prolific producers of HVAC equipment into the hands of customers at affordable prices.

Mini split systems have been the talk of the HVAC world for a few years now, and as demand has grown, so has the variety of installation options. At first envisioned as a way to cool or heat a single room apart from the rest of the house, mini split systems have now expanded to multi-zone powerhouses capable of performing climate control for multiple rooms and areas.

Purchasing a Mitsubishi mini split system from is an investment in your home that opens a whole new way of thinking about air conditioning.

Three-zone systems are ideal for homes that have been remodeled, or have rooms that have always been hard to heat and cool along with the rest of the house. Mitsubishi’s outstanding efficiency can reverse the “money drain” encountered when you try to address the divergent needs of separate rooms and areas with conventional AC systems.

Contact one of our highly-trained customer service reps for expert assistance in determining the size and configuration of a Mitsubishi three zone mini split system that best fits your needs.

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