Mitsubishi 5 Zone Mini-Split Systems

Mitsubishi five zone mini-split systems provide heating and cooling for each room/zone with an efficient operating system that will keep costs down, ensuring year-around comfort. The indoor wall mount air handler has multiple operating modes, multiple fan speeds, and multiple air flow directions. The outdoor unit allows each room/zone to operate independently with its own wireless (or wired) remote controller so that people in different rooms can choose the temperature that is most comfortable for their needs.

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Mitsubishi mini split systems are testaments to energy efficiency, with nearly all units having efficiency ratings in excess of 19 SEER. What this means to the consumer is energy savings that benefit the environment as well as your bank account.

When you order a five zone Mitsubishi mini split system from, you will get, depending on the size of your residence, a whole-house heating and air solution. Five rooms (zones) will have totally independent climate control. The thermostat settings can be different in each room, yet the overall use of energy will be less than with a conventional AC system.

Our five zone mini split systems are loaded with capacity - 42,000 BTUs or greater - and options for air handlers that will be as attractive as they are functional.

Five zones means that there are separate air handlers in each zone, each with its own thermostat. The air handlers can be different in each zone, depending on the layout of the room and the heating and air needs of the room. They are served by a powerful condenser that sits outside. There is no ductwork involved, only a three-inch hole in the outer wall that refrigerant lines pass through.’s highly-trained customer service staff is ready to help you determine your HVAC needs. Ordering a five zone system is easy with one of our experts on the other end of the line. So call now, and get ready for a whole new climate control experience.

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