Mitsubishi Dual Zone Mini-Split Systems

Mitsubishi dual zone mini-split systems provide heating and cooling for your home with their state of the art ductless systems. Their efficient system will keep operating cost down while still providing year around comfort. Each zone/room will have its own air-handling unit and its own wireless electronic temperature controller.

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Keep two separate rooms or areas of your home or business comfortable and keep the occupants of those areas happy with a Mitsubishi dual zone mini split system.

When you install a dual zone air conditioning system, you get two air handlers and two thermostats for totally independent climate control. Keep the two areas at different temperatures, if so desired.

At, we carry a wide array of Mitsubishi mini split systems, with capacities ranging from 20,000 BTUs to over 40,000 BTUs and a variety of component options. These dual zone units deliver as promised, providing comfort, cost savings and the utmost in reliability.

No two rooms are alike, even if they’re the same size. Windows, doors, ceiling height, adjacent areas and most importantly, the occupants of the room, affect climate control needs. Having the ability to cool or heat two rooms independently of one another is a clear advantage, made possible by a dual zone mini split system.

The dual zone’s two air handlers connect to the condenser via refrigerant lines, not ductwork. During installation, the refrigerant lines are passed through a three-inch hole in the outer wall. Therefore, installation progresses quickly, saving money on labor costs.

One of our expert customer service reps can help determine your needs regarding a Mitsubishi mini split air conditioning system and can help you determine if a dual zone mini split system is right for you.

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