Mitsubishi Mini Split AC Units 24,000-25,000 BTUs

The Mitsubishi mini-split systems bring comfort, energy efficiency, and versatility to your home or workspace. The 24,000 BTU heat pump condenser is designed for multiple rooms/zones and each room/zone is operates independently with its own wireless or wired remote controller, making it easier to allow for different heating/cooling comfort levels in different rooms. The Mitsubishi 24,000 BTU until will work with a variety of indoor unit combinations, wall mount ductless, floor mounted ductless, ceiling recessed cassette ductless, and horizontal ducted ductless. Making it easy to customize the ideal unit for your home/workspace.

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Our systems include a single condenser/compressor and up to three air handler/evaporator coil units. Each air handler is responsible for its assigned zone, and each zone has its own thermostat.

Most systems also include heat pump capability, and if you live in an area with particularly cold winters, you should select a system with Mitsubishi’s H2i Hyper Heat heat pump. This innovative product expands the temperature range at which a heat pump can operate effectively.

A Mitsubishi 25,000 BTU mini split system with three zones is a thing of beauty. Not only do you get the versatility of multi-zone climate control, you get the benefit of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) as high as 24. This results in money savings on energy bills.

The filter column on the left includes a column of numbers that represent the indoor units and their BTU ratings. As a rough estimate, each room requires about 6,000 BTUs

For instance, 9+15 means that the system includes air handlers and hardware for two zones. Each number represents the BTU rating for each air handler (without the zeros). Therefore, a 9+15 system includes two air handling units with capacities of 9,000 and 15,000 BTUs. 6+6+6 means there are three air handlers, each rated at 6,000 BTUs.

Carefully inspect the rooms in your home you would like to include in zones. In some cases, small adjacent rooms or spaces can be considered a single zone. Large rooms, poorly insulated rooms or rooms with large windows will probably need more than the standard 6,000 BTUs.

If you’re looking for other BTU ranges, shop our full line of Mitsubishi ductless ac systems

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