Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioners 28,000-35,000 BTUs

With the Mitsubishi 28,000 - 35,000/ 30,000 - 35,000 BTU mini-split systems you will get custom comfort to create independent climate control in each room/zone. Depending on your needs, the 28,000 BTU mini-split systems cover one to three zones/rooms while the 30,000 - 35,000 BTU mini-split systems can cover two to three zones/rooms.

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When looking for the right brand, you can’t go wrong with Mitsubishi – the recognized leader in mini split air conditioner technology. And you can’t go wrong ordering from, because we are the premier source for HVAC products, with the best online prices you will find. Every one of our models on this page ships free, and ships fast. Most of our orders go out the door the same day as the order is placed.

Mitsubishi mini split systems ship with a condenser unit that sits outside and one air handler for each zone. Each air handler serves a zone independently of the others, and each air handler has its own thermostat. The components are matched for compatibility, producing the utmost in performance.

When sizing mini split systems, a good starting point is to assume that each room needs a minimum of 6,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) for adequate climate control. Larger rooms, rooms with vaulted ceilings, rooms that are poorly insulated or rooms with large windows may need a little more.

Now refer to the filter column on the left. It includes a column of numbers separated by plus signs: These are the indoor units and their BTU ratings.

For instance, 9+24 means that the system includes air handlers and hardware for two zones, one rated at 9,000 BTUs and a second one rated at 24,000. A 6+6+15 listing means the system includes three air handlers - two air handling units with capacities of 9,000 and one at 15,000 BTUs.

Nearly all these systems include heat pumps. Heat pumps are well suited for use in mini split systems, and in areas of the country where the winters aren’t too intense, they provide all the heat needed for the season.

There really isn’t much “mini” to these mini split systems. They come in tonnage ratings ranging from 2-ton to 3-ton, and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) ratings from 14 all the way to 23, which means they’re kind to the environment and kind to your energy bills.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department. Our representatives can provide information and advice, plus walk you through the ordering process. Or shop our full range of Mitsubishi mini splits

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