Mitsubishi Single Zone Mini-Split Systems

Mitsubishi single zone mini-split systems are designed to heat or cool a single room/zone. Built with intelligent on-board systems and wireless remote for convenience.

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For the optimum in climate control in a single room or area, a Mitsubishi single zone mini split system offers outstanding value and remarkable efficiency. If you have a room that is isolated from the central air ductwork - or just seems to be colder or warmer than the rest of your house - getting a single zone mini split system could be the best investment you’ve ever made for your home. has solutions galore with a wide range of Mitsubishi single zone air conditioning systems from 6,000 BTUs to 42,000 BTUs, and with a variety of air handler options, like wall mount, ceiling mount, concealed duct and others.

A good candidate for a single zone mini split system would be a garage, finished basement or room add-on where new ductwork was not part of the remodel. In some homes, there is a room that for one reason or another doesn’t get the airflow that the other rooms get.

The larger the room, the larger the BTU need. Our customer service experts are also HVAC experts, and one of them can help you determine the best size for your application, plus help you consider the options for the air handler, and how it delivers air into the room.


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