Stealth 4 Zone Ductless Mini Splits

No matter how complex your mini split project, you can find a solution with Stealth 4 zone ductless mini split systems. With 4 different air handler types to select from with a wide variety of capacities, the possibilities are endless. Stealth 4 zone mini split systems are the efficient and durable heating and cooling solution. Shop our huge selection of Stealth 4 zone mini split systems below.


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Are Stealth 4 zone systems quiet?

Near-silent operation is one of the main benefits of a Stealth 4 zone mini split systems. There’s no need to adjust volumes or raise voices when the system powers on, it blends into the background completely. The only thing you notice is comfort.

Are Stealth 4 zone systems Wi-Fi compatible?

All Stealth Comfort 4 zone wall-mounted air handlers are Wi-Fi ready. Simply download the free app to set up Wi-Fi control. Ceiling cassette, concealed duct and floor mounted units come with either wired or wireless (handheld remote) controls.

Can I install a Stealth 4 zone mini split myself?

Stealth Comfort 4 zone condensers come pre-charged with environmentally-friendly R410a refrigerant. Copper line sets with compression fittings are required to connect each air handler to the outdoor unit. A handy homeowner with basic tools can accomplish most of the installation by following the included installation instructions. A professional installer is recommended for the final refrigerant handling and first startup.

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