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The ENVIRA NORTH SMART AIR MULTI-FAN CONTROL- 10 FANS is an advanced control system designed to efficiently manage and optimize the performance of up to 10 fans in ventilation systems. Developed by ENVIRA NORTH, a leading provider of smart environmental control solutions, this multi-fan control offers enhanced functionality and flexibility for large-scale ventilation applications.


  • Intelligent Fan Control: The control system utilizes intelligent algorithms and sensor inputs to dynamically adjust and synchronize the operation of up to 10 fans. It optimizes airflow and ventilation performance based on real-time environmental conditions, ensuring optimal indoor air quality.
  • Multi-Fan Synchronization: The control system synchronizes the speed and operation of multiple fans, ensuring balanced and coordinated airflow throughout the ventilation system. This feature prevents conflicts or inconsistencies in fan operation and maximizes overall system efficiency.
  • Sensor Integration: The SMART AIR MULTI-FAN CONTROL- 10 FANS integrates with various environmental sensors, including temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors. These sensors provide accurate data on the surrounding conditions, enabling the control system to make precise adjustments for fan speed and operation.
  • Energy Efficiency: By dynamically controlling the speed and operation of multiple fans based on actual requirements, the control system optimizes energy efficiency. It reduces power consumption by adjusting fan speeds to match ventilation demands, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced operating costs.
  • Programmable Settings and Profiles: The control system offers programmable settings and profiles, allowing users to customize fan control parameters for specific ventilation needs. These settings can be adjusted based on room size, occupancy, desired air quality levels, and other factors, providing flexibility and customization options.

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Envira North Smart Air Multi-Fan Control - 10 Fans - EN300X5121
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