18oz Alkaline Foaming Cooling Coil Cleaner

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This product is formulated to penetrate and remove dirt and matted material from evaporator coils and fins, eliminating the need for high pressure sprayers and bulky tank sprayers. Upon contact with the surface of the coil, the foaming portion of the product begins to remove the soil from the surface. Rinsing is not required. Dirt is washed away with condensation, leaving the unit cleaned and deodorized. This not only allows your unit to run more efficiently but also prevent dirt, mold, and bacteria buildup.

Many people don't know how important it is to clean your evaporator coil, or even what it is. Keeping your evaporator coil clean keeps your unit efficient and cuts down on mold, bacteria, and allergens in your air. Luckily, you can clean your coil yourself! No need to call a technician. We make it extra easy with our foaming coil cleanser, that will get in between all of those tiny fins without causing damage.
You don't even need to rinse! Simply spray your coil and walk away. Your unit's condensation will naturally rinse the dirt away.

Look at the difference a quick clean can make

What could you be breathing? Clean your coil today!

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18oz Alkaline Foaming Cooling Coil Cleaner
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