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Introducing the Goodman 1.5 to 2.5 Ton Wall Mounted Air Handler w/ 5kW Heat available at HVACDirect.com. Experience the comfort and efficiency of the latest in HVAC technology.

Product Description:

  • Brand: Goodman
  • Product Category: Air Handler
  • Model: AWUF310516
  • Size: 1.5 to 2.5 Ton
  • Color: Gray
  • Main Product Description: Experience the versatility and reliability of the Goodman AWUF Air Conditioner Air Handler, crafted for vertical wall or stud mounting. Enclosed within a fully insulated, galvanized-steel cabinet, this air handler embodies Goodman's dedication to crafting the most dependable and refreshingly affordable indoor comfort solutions. Embrace the Goodman AWUF Air Conditioner Air Handler and elevate your home's comfort to new heights.
  • Installation: Enjoy effortless power disconnection with our factory-installed pull-type disconnect.

Quick Facts

  • Refrigerant Compatibility - Our air handler seamlessly integrates with both R-410A and R-22 refrigerants, offering flexibility and adaptability.
  • Optimal Performance with Check Flowrater - Ensure peak performance in both cooling-only and heat pump systems with our air handler's integrated check flowrater.
  • Precise Temperature Control with Multi-Speed Motor - Experience precise temperature adjustments through our air handler's multi-speed motor, providing variable air volume for both heating and cooling.
  • Long-Lasting and Efficient Heating - Enjoy durable and efficient heating with our air handler's sequence-controlled nickel chromium heating elements available in 3, 5, 8, and 10 kW capacities.
  • Enhanced Safety and Convenience with Factory-Installed Disconnect - Elevate safety and convenience with our air handler's pre-installed pull-type disconnect.
  • High-Efficiency Heat Transfer with Aluminum Tube Coils - Experience superior heat transfer efficiency with our air handler's aluminum tube coils.
  • AHRI Certification for Industry-Recognized Quality - Embrace peace of mind with our AHRI Certified air handler, ensuring industry-recognized quality and performance.
  • ETL Listing for Safety and Reliability - Enjoy the safety and reliability of our ETL Listed air handler, adhering to stringent safety standards.
  • Water Damage Protection with Thermoplastic Drain Pan - Safeguard your home from water damage with our air handler's thermoplastic drain pan and multiple drain connections.
  • Maintain Optimal Air Quality with Built-In Filter Rack - Ensure clean and healthy indoor air with our air handler's built-in filter rack and included filter.
  • Flexible Installation with Front Return Only (Large Chassis) - Experience versatile installation with our large chassis air handler, designed for front return only.
  • Versatile Installation with Front or Bottom Return (Small Chassis) - Enjoy flexible installation options with our small chassis air handler, accommodating both front and bottom return configurations.
  • Simplified Installation with Wall-Hanging Bracket - Simplify installation with our air handler's included wall-hanging bracket.

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Product Specifications

More Information
2.5 Ton Wall Mounted Goodman Air Handler w/ 5kW Heat
Cooling BTU30,000 BTU
Blower MotorMulti Speed - PSC
Maximum CFM1,005
Electric Heat5 Kilowatts
Electric Backup Heat Capabilities (Optional)5 Kilowatts
RefrigerantR410A or R22
Filter Size18" x 20"
Liquid Line3/8"
Suction Line3/4"
Electrical208-240 1 Phase
Max Breaker Size30 amps
Tonnage2.5 Ton
Fuel TypeElectric
Warranty10 Years with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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