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The Warrick 3E3A is a pressure tight (125 psi)housing that can hold three electrodes. The body of the fitting is cast iron and attaches to the vessel via a 2” NPT male fitting. The 3E3A fitting is intended to be installed in a vertical orientation—mounting in a horizontal orientation is not recommended. Three electrodes are included in this assembly; however, the rods are not included.. The electrode fitting is used in conjunction with a control relay (sold separately) and electrode rods(sold separately) to create a Warrick conductivity-based liquid level controller. Warrick conductivity based liquid level controllers utilize the electrical conductivity of the liquid to complete the electric circuit. The controller provides the control signal. When the tip of electrode is not in contact with the liquid, the circuit is open. When the tip electrode becomes submerged, the liquid completes the electrical circuit and the control signal flows through the liquid and returns to the controller through the “ground reference”. Warrick offers several different controllers for different applications. The 3E3A fitting is compatible with Warrick 3R and 3W suspended electrodes. When used inside a tank, a stilling well is recommended to dampen movement within the tank and provide more accurate control. The stilling well should utilize a 2-1/2” to 3” Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) to provide sufficient side clearance. Within boiler feed systems, conductivity-based water level control is common for atmospheric-pressure feed tanks and surge tanks. Conductivity-based water level control can be used for low level alarms, high level alarms, and on/off makeup valve control: • Low level alarm: A single electrode* is used in conjunction with a control relay to detect a low-level condition. • High level alarm: A single electrode*is used in conjunction with a control relay to detect a high-level condition. • On/Off make up valve control: Two electrodes* are used in conjunction with a control relay to power an electronic two position make up control valve. The lower of the two electrodes controls when the valves opens. The higher of the two electrodes controls when the valves closes. This type of control is common on medium sized atmospheric feed tanks (100 to 750 gallons). * Note: the a “ground reference” leg is needed to complete the circuit. Since boiler feed systems are typically made of steel, the shell of the tank can be used for the ground reference. If the tank is non-conducting then an additional “ground reference” electrode rod is required.

  • The 3E3A fitting can hold three (3) electrode rods
  • The 3E3A fitting features a cast iron body
  • Attaches to tank via 2” NPT (male) connection
  • Body rated for 125 psi at 353°F
  • Epoxy coated die-cast aluminum terminal housing
  • Teflon insulation between the electrode and vessel/fitting
  • Vertical, top down, installation

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Warrick 3E3A 3 Probe Holder
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