Daikin Dual Zone Mini-Split Systems

Daikin dual zone mini-split controls the climate of two rooms in your home without disturbing your primary AC system with a Daikin dual zone mini split system. With a dual zone system, you can install a single condenser unit outside and have two air handlers on the inside, each assigned to a different zone (room). The air handlers are independent of one another and independent of your existing AC system. Daikin ductless mini split AC systems are renowned for energy savings, dependability, and astounding performance.

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Daikin mini split multi zone systems make great solutions for homes or businesses with add-on rooms, remodeled or upgraded rooms, or rooms that, for one reason or another, need a boost in their climate control

A Daikin mini split air conditioner can be used for cooling a couple of rooms that just seem to lag behind the rest of the house. Each room has its own air handler and each handler has its own thermostat. If you opt for a Daikin mini split heat pump, you’ll be able to provide year-round climate control with a system that operates in reverse during the winter season to extract heat from the atmosphere and pump it into the house.

We have hundreds of systems in stock, and each system is configured to be compatible with the other components in the group. Air handlers, which directly service their assigned areas, come in a variety of styles and functions, like ceiling cassettes, concealed duct, floor mounted, and wall mounted.

The air handlers come in a variety of BTU capacities, and the two air handlers, while compatible to the overall system, do not have to match each other for output. If you look at the chart on the left, you’ll see a column of numbers that look like a math problem. The numbers represent the maximum BTUs for each air handler in that system, times 1,000. For example, 7+15 means the system includes one air handler rated at 7,000 BTUs and a second air handler rated at 15,000 BTUs.

Daikin mini split systems do not require ductwork. Their only connection to the outdoor components is via a set of refrigerant lines that pass through a small hole in the exterior wall of the house or building. Because they don’t need ductwork, labor costs of connecting the system to ductwork or the construction of a ductwork system are spared. You also save on energy costs. Most of these systems rank high in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), meaning the units offer superior performance at reduced energy expenditure.

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